Interpretation of fairy tales II

There are tendences to renew fairy tales with legal, politic or rude vocabulary. Moreover, all of the above mentioned interpretation techniques are used for making the story more interesting, but no one is claiming that what turned out was the original meaning of the story.

Last year I realized, that there is one more way to interpret fairy tales that people believe. The fifth interpretation is “SCIENTIFIC INTERPRETATION”. This means that all miracles in fairy tale have scientific explanation. It does not mean that science is able to explain all of them today, but it would do so in future.

For example, in “Ancient Aliens” on History Channel, ancient alien theorists believe that gods described in myths are aliens. They are able to control weather thanks to technology, to win wars, to move around while being invisible, to use whistles to make people laugh or dance. The gods know everything about hero’s life and their knowledge allows their actions to seem magical to us.

Scientific interpretation is similar to interpretation of tradition – only certain symbols will be interpreted, not the whole story. Scientific interpretation of fairy tales is materialistic – interpreters believe, that all of the supranormal symbols and things could be signs of higher intelligence of aliens or previous cultures of humans.

This method of interpretation could also be called a materialistic interpretation, because the growers are inherent to all hypothetical objects or characters must possess matter.

Such assertions can be found in online videos, such as :
1. Loch Ness monster swimming.
2. Mermaids.
3. Bigfoot.
4. Every day deepens the belief that UFOs and extraterrestrials will have scientific proof .
5. Fairies and elves.
6. Giants.

Some examples are :
Flying carpet – a carpet shaped like a hovercraft on the principle of a mobile base.
Invisible coat – cape or blanket with which to cover a person or an object; the resulting reflection does not allow them to be visible by either eye or radars.
Blue smoke – silicon powder is thrown into fire.

If You have any idea, how could any miracle in fairy tales be interpreted scientifically, let us know!

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